I haven’t celebrated on a Saturday in forever, but it’s not because I don’t have things worth celebrating.  I’m so glad to be sharing my celebrations with you today. Ruth, thank you for encouraging us to notice all that we have to be grateful for.

1. I’ve got my first day gear ready to go.  This will be year two of me as a pilot/flight attendant.  It was a big hit last year (some of them thought I was crazy, but they were intrigued). I wear this on the first day and do a whole spiel about the places reading and writing can “take” you.


2. My friend, Troy, asked me to join a writing group with him.  Troy is one of the most brilliant teacher’s I’ve ever met.  I got to pick his brain last week about trying to implement some things he does in his classroom. I’m so excited to try out some of the stuff he shared and to continue to grow as a writer by starting a writing group with him.

3. I get to work with my very best friend this year.  Gwyn, one of my best friend’s from my first teaching job, got a job at my school.  I wish I could insert a scream here to show you just how awesome that is.  We are going to be an amazing team.

4. I finished my push pin map to document my travels. I’ve wanted one of these forever, but they are super expensive.  I found an extra map in my basement that was leftover from one of my old classrooms, so I made my own.  I love how big it is and how it fills what was an empty wall.  I hope it will encourage me to get traveling.  I’m ready for my next big trip.


5. I got to visit this week with a dear friend that I went to China with last summer.  She is so much fun to be around and loves to travel.  I feel so blessed to have met her.  We are already planning trips for this year and there’s talk of an international trip for next summer. She’s definitely gonna help me add some pins to my map.

7 thoughts on “Celebrate

  1. I adore your first day of school idea. This is inspiring and has me thinking about how to bring some more creativity into my classroom. Favorite travel destination? I love hearing about travels!

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