Can I Celebrate Some More?

Discover. Play. Build.

I think I pressed send too quickly earlier.  Or, for the first time in a while I stopped to notice all the things I have to celebrate. Either way, I’m adding a few more :).

1. DEAR FRIENDS – Today I had a quick phone chat with a dear friend (a friend from grade school, high school, and college) that reminded me how blessed I am to have lifelong friends.  Just talking with her made me feel instantly connected and better.

2. CHRISTMAS CARDS – I rush to the mailbox this time of year, because I can’t wait to see the beautiful cards my friends have created of their growing families.  I tape them to the back of the front door and enjoy them daily.  I’m grateful so many people think of me with their holiday cards.

3. RELAXING – Tonight I caught up with Season 3 of Scandal.  I’m not even a television watcher, but a friend introduced me to the show last week, and I’ve watched 3 seasons in a week in a half.  I realize this shows I have no life, but it was a nice escape and an excuse to slow down and relax.  (The show is seriously like crack.  I can’t get enough of it.)  Now, I wait until Thursday to watch the next episode.  I’m glad to be caught up and to have something to look forward to this week.

4.  LESSON IDEAS – I’ve always felt like lesson ideas find me.  I read The Secret a few years ago, and I think I can still “secret” a good lesson idea.

As I was reading through my Facebook feed the other night, I stumbled across the story of George Bush sending a letter to the Alabama kicker who missed the winning field goal in their game against Auburn.  I used this letter to start my mini lesson the following day.  We talked about whether a letter from the President or former President would be enough to cheer you up in that situation.  Then, I asked the kids to consider who could cheer them up with something difficult they’ve faced.  The students wrote letters to themselves/to others during a rough time from the perspective of a person who could/who they’d want to encourage them.

We had to really stretch our thinking for this, but the kids loved it.  There were many letters to SpongeBob from Patrick? (I can’t remember for sure- I don’t watch the show, but it was someone like that.)

I’m realizing this is something we should try more often, and I love when I come up with an idea from something that is real and relevant.

Recently I read teachers who were talking about doing all the assignments they ask of their students, and I got to thinking I should write this too.  So, I wondered who I would want a letter from.  I think right now I want a letter from Ron Clark (one of my teacher idols).  It would read:

Dear Ms. F.,

I know it doesn’t seem like you are making a difference, but you are.  I’ve had difficult classes like yours, and it is hard to feel like what you are doing matters.  I wanted to quit and throw in the towel, but I realized the kids needed me.  Your kids need you too. What you are doing does matter.  YOU matter.

You may never see the impact you are having, but know you are making a difference.

Take care of yourself.  Remember the oxygen mask rule from the plane.  You are no good to them if you don’t take care of you first.

Just keep trying.  Keep showing up.


Ron Clark

Happy Saturday.  Hope you are finding things to celebrate too.  George Bush’s Letter