Hi, my name is Jen.  I never thought about having my own blog until I attended my first All Write Conference last summer.  I didn’t realize there was a whole blogging community I wasn’t a part of. Everyone told me having a blog name was the only thing holding me back from getting started.  So, after much thought, here I am!

I’m excited to join the blogging world and share a glimpse into my life. I’m a teacher, daughter, and friend who is always learning and growing trying to figure out who I am and what I want to do next. I’m hoping this blog will provide another learning and growing outlet.

Other things about me:

1. I love sports, especially college basketball.  Whenever I go to a game, I secretly pray time will stop and hope the game will never end.

2. I love the smell of bleach.  It reminds me of growing up (my mom was/is super clean).

3. I think my grandmas are some of the neatest ladies around.  I love when people tell me I remind them of one of my grandmas.

4. I have a serious book problem.  My basement and closets are filled with books.  If someone mentions a good book, I almost immediately order it.

5. I love spending time with my friends and asking ridiculous, “What would you do if I…?” type questions.

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