Celebrations – It’s Saturday!

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Ruth Ayres invites us to share our celebrations from the week each Saturday.  Thank you, Ruth for reminding me to celebrate. Share your celebrations at Ruth Ayres Writes.

1.Good Music: Pandora has been making my afternoon grading session much more enjoyable.  I’ve been toe tapping and bouncing back and forth all day at my local Panera. (I’ve probably been getting some stares too, but I don’t care.)  It makes me laugh when I remind myself that I should like what I’m hearing since I’ve selected the stations.

2. Growing as a Teacher: I had an informational session for the National Writing Project this morning, and I was reminded how my kids must feel in their classes.  It was hard.  I felt out of my comfort zone.  I was so excited, but I had so many feelings of insecurity.  What if I can’t do it?  What if I have nothing to contribute?  What is my writing is horrible?  It was scary to sit with strangers and write and hear their words; I couldn’t help but compare.  However, as much as I had an inner struggle, I noted this in my writer’s notebook. I already feel more empathetic for my kiddos who want to do what you are asking of them, but they are scared, unsure of what you are asking, or just need some time to process.  My friend told me to think of this experience with a growth mindset and to consider that I wouldn’t be learning if I surrounded myself with people who weren’t smart.  She said it’s a good thing I will be with intelligent people, even if it makes me second guess myself.

3. Surprise Meeting: Two of my former students just ran up to me while I was sitting here.  They are all grown up and have turned into such beautiful young women.  It feels nice to see old faces and to think of our time together fondly.

4. Proud Teacher Moment: I almost cried on Friday when my most challenging class did an amazing job during our first Socratic seminar.  It was unbelievable.  They were in their element.  They usually need the most redirection of all of my sections, but they didn’t need it for this form of learning; they were fine without me.  I was so proud, and I couldn’t help but realize that maybe what I’ve been doing doesn’t fit them/their personalities.  It’s me that has to change, not them.  It was an awesome way to end a Friday.

5. Finished Testing: We completed our language arts testing last week, so I feel like I can share some fun, authentic writing ideas with my kids that I’ve been wanting to try.  We started playing around with blogging on Thursday, and they loved it.  Most of the other teachers have been complaining about students’ behaviors, but I feel like my kids have been enjoying what we are doing, so I’m not having that issue.  I feel re-energized and excited about the rest of the year.  Thank you, Christy for inspiring me to try out a 30 day writing challenge with my students.  It was a big hit.


3 thoughts on “Celebrations – It’s Saturday!

  1. Jen, I am so glad that you are feeling spirited this week but perhaps a bit vulnerable too. That goes along with being a risk taker so feel the power of letting your voice take flight no matter how small it is at first. Can we connect on Twitter? My handle is @cvarsalona.

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