Unexpected Change of Plans


I wasn’t expecting to spend the night in Chicago.  After spending hours on a plane sitting idle  in Chicago on our way to Shanghai, they f canceled the flight due to maintenance issues.  They weren’t able to find another flight out until tomorrow.  While I’m glad I wasn’t flying on a messed up plane, I’m disappointed to not be on my way to Shanghai.

My friend and I have tried to remain patient.  We realized there was nothing we could do to change anything, so there’s no use in complaining.  Ugh, but it is definitely frustrating.  Carrying 2, 50 lb. bags plus carry-ons is not easy.

We’ve gotten a little taste of what the experience will be like just from the flight (sort of flight, by sitting on the runway for 3 hours).  There’s a definite language barrier, even with people who speak english.  I found myself just nodding and smiling to the man who was trying to tell me something.  I feel like I’m going to feel deaf and blind on this trip.  It’s going to be a challenge to communicate.  My little phrase book probably isn’t going to cut it.

I’m hoping tomorrow is a little more productive.  We did have a chance to eat at the food court with our vouchers from the airline.  Chinese seemed to be the best option.  I laughed and said it was an opportunity for me to perfect my chopstick skills.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow we make it there.