Small Gestures

Every week Ruth Ayres invites us to celebrate the little moments in our lives.  Thank you, Ruth for reminding us to do this.

Sometimes the littlest gestures have the most impact.

Yesterday was a rough day for my family.  My stepmom had a heart attack and was hospitalized.  After discovering her main artery was 100% blocked, she had a procedure to try and help stop the blockage.

My dad was understandably shaken.   After the third report/check in with my family, I could tell he couldn’t go down the chain of family that needed to be called again, so I volunteered to take over his list to call along with mine.  This meant I made the report to twice as many people.  I tried to keep my voice down and not disturb others visiting their loved ones, but it was inevitable that those around me heard the details of my calls: blockage, stent, staying until at least Christmas Eve, …

On the fifth phone call, the gentleman who had been sitting by me minutes prior approached me, knelt down beside me, and said, “I wasn’t trying to listen, but I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation, and I just wanted to say everything is going to be okay; your mom is in great hands at this hospital.  Merry Christmas.”

This interaction took all but 30 seconds, but it left such an impression.  I nearly cried right there and then, but I felt so grateful this man took time to be a blessing to me and my family during such a tough moment.

I’m grateful for this man’s kind words.

I’m grateful for the doctors who continue to help my stepmom.

Most of all, I’m grateful for beautiful moments, even in the midst of crummy ones.

It’s a great reminder of how little it takes to be a blessing to others.


One thought on “Small Gestures

  1. “…the gentleman who had been sitting by me minutes prior approached me, knelt down beside me, and said…” Such kindness from him. Such love from above. So moving. I can see how your heart must have burst seeing that and hearing that during a hard time.

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