M6J/MJ6????…I’m Definitely Not Detective Material


M6J, remember M6J.  Ahh!  Was it M6J or MJ6? Crap.  What was it?  Ugh, he’s gone!

These letters were mixing themselves quickly in my head as I tried frantically to make sense of what just happened.

Yesterday, I was driving home when a force from behind shot me forward toward my dashboard.  The loud popping sound confused me.  I looked ahead unclear of what just happened.  The other cars were several feet ahead, so I didn’t think I hit anyone?

I sat for a moment dazed until  I slowly turned around to see a car smashed into my rear, right side.

“Oh my gosh!” I yelled.  (I’m betting I yelled something a little less ladylike, but you get the idea.)

I looked at the gentleman, and I noticed he appeared to be moving over to the right.

How smart, I thought.  This way we won’t block traffic.  I started to try to drive my car and follow him to safety.  It scraped and struggled to make it over just two lanes to the shoulder.  This slow speed and slight movement seemed to take every bit of effort, and it felt like my wheels were both popped and about to fly off.

As I edged to the shoulder, I guess my driver saw this as the perfect getaway.  He veered his car back toward the center lane and sped away.

He fled the scene!!!!!!!

I couldn’t even believe my eyes.  I honked hysterically and pointed and screamed as he got away.  “NOOOOO!”

I scrambled to make out the letters of his plate, MJ6, M6J??? But, just like that, he picked up speed and was gone.

If I thought my car would have made it, I honestly think I would have chased after him.

When help arrived, they of course asked me details of the missing driver.  I tried to rattle off what I remembered.  The more I told the story, the less confident I was with any of the information.  I laughed thinking they’ll somehow find the driver, and he’ll end up being in a red SUV that I swore was a tan sedan.

Luckily it looks like he hit me so hard that his license is partially imprinted in my bumper.  The police are hopeful with some finger print dust or some type of light that they might be able to make out the plate information.

I’m optimistic they’ll find the guy.  However, I’m not sure my vague details will be what helps them find him.


8 thoughts on “M6J/MJ6????…I’m Definitely Not Detective Material

  1. Wow! My post today was about a similar incident that we were just involved in! I’m glad you are okay. We survived also – obviously. But, like you, I didn’t know at first what had even happened. Thought it was a blown tire at first, or that we’d run over something in the road… the person that was responsible for ours though owned up and stayed for the police report and her ticketing.
    I hope they are able to find your hit and run driver.

  2. I felt like I was reading a page out of a novel. Was she working up to tell us about a book? taking a chance at fiction? No, this was real. Sorry about what happened to you and the cad that got away. Glad you’re all right. Seriously, this is good writing.

    • Ha, thank you. Unfortunately it is a true story. Wish it was a dream. I keep wishing I could turn back time. It’s so annoying. Will I see you at All Write this summer?

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