I’m Still Here

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Ruth Ayres invites us to share our celebrations from the week each Saturday.  Thank you, Ruth, for reminding me to celebrate. Share yours at Ruth Ayres Writes.

1. It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged, so I’m celebrating making time to write.  I’ve missed writing and sharing with my new, little community.

2. I sent in my payment and paperwork for All Write, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Last year was such a wonderful learning experience.  I met many new friends/mentors, and I’m counting down until I can learn alongside them again.  This blog was inspired by the people I met there, and I’m delighted this year I will be able to say on Wednesday night that I have a blog too!

3.  It finally feels like there’s light at the end of the tunnel at school.  Each flip of the calendar reminds me I will prevail.  I know when I’m in the mix of it I can’t see clearly, but as I get closer to the end- I’m starting to appreciate my learning/growth that has occurred.  More than anything the year has taught me what I want/need to be a successful teacher for my students.  I also have a new appreciation for my upbringing and the love my family gave me.  It seems like such a small thing, but I have been able to witness the impact neglect can have on a student.  It has been heartbreaking.

4. My China trip is starting to become really real.  My friend and I attended orientation for our trip a few weeks ago, and I learned more details about my teaching experience there.  I will be teaching Chinese educators ways to teach English to their students.  I will have my own translator/assistant- which is kind of fun/funny.  Most of the details have me pumped about the experience with the exception of all the rules and customs I need to try to remember while I’m there.  For example, in the Chinese culture saving face is very important, and they will want me to be very happy while I’m there. So, I need to try to always appear happy.  Since Chinese people typically have trouble reading facial expressions, I was advised to try to smile even when confused to avoid offending them.  Ha- I’m not sure how I will smile when I have no idea what people are saying :).

5. My spare bedroom got a makeover that makes me smile each day.  I forgot to take a before picture, but the paint was not my taste from an old roommate that I had never changed.  The room became a catch all for everything.  More importantly it is where I get ready everyday, and it wasn’t really functional (I sat on the floor to do my makeup).  We changed the paint to this beautiful light gray color (it was a recommendation from a friend who said gray is the new tan), rearranged the room placement, and added a vanity for me to sit and do my makeup.  The room has much more function, and I love getting ready there now.  Plus, I cleared all the clutter out, and I got rid of a ton of things.  It almost looks bare, but I’m being careful not to fill it with junk.  I also inherited some mirrors from my grandpa’s house that I’m planning to spray paint (I spray paint everything) and add to the walls soon.  I love having a piece of him that I will see every morning in there.  I’ll take some pictures once I add a few more things.

6. This weather makes me so happy.  I love driving with my sunroof open, and there’s something about nice weather that makes me turn up my stereo a little louder.  Thursday I drove to work blaring my favorite song, dancing like a crazy person.  I looked like the person you see at a stoplight dancing like they are at a techno club, and you wonder if they are on drugs.  I didn’t even care that I was getting stared at.

Happy Saturday.  I hope you have a beautiful day of celebrations and driving and dancing :).


14 thoughts on “I’m Still Here

  1. So glad you’re back blogging!! I want to know more about the All Write Conference! It sounds amazing!!! And your spare room makeover…that’s top of my list for my spring break this week! Thanks for commenting on my blog…I feel like I’ve made a new blogging friend this morning! 🙂

    • Michelle- I loved reading your blog too. So excited to have found you. I enjoyed looking at your link on Kirby Larson’s site about your classroom library. It was fun to see similar titles I have for my students. I’m considering making the jump from elementary to middle school myself. I will have to pick your brain more about that.

  2. I am so glad you are back – I was worried! I know how hard it is to find time to write. I am going to All Write! this summer too. I am going with a colleague who I hope starts to blog this summer! Hopefully I will be able to meet you in person which would be so exciting! I had to laugh at your China story. My mom lived there for a year and she had her own assistant/translator too. She would never had made it without her, so I hope you get a good one! I can’t to wait to hear your stories from that experience!

    • I can’t wait to meet you at All Write. Last year Ruth organized a Wednesday night dinner for bloggers. You will have to come to that. It’s a fun way to meet everyone you already “know” from online.

  3. I love the image of you dancing in the car like a crazy person. One of my favorite memories of time spent with my dad is the many trips we took with the sunroof open, windows down, and music blaring. Also, All Write sounds like an amazing conference. So exciting to be registered for that!

  4. I had taken a bit of a step away from blogging too. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one! I, too, am looking forward to All-Write again. Your trip to China sounds amazing (and if I am completely honest, a bit intimidating–in a good way that will surely push you to grow)!

    • Can’t wait to see you at All Write. I still have your picture with Ruth’s words on it from last year (I think it was from you?).

      I’m excited and terrified of my trip all at the same time. I think it will definitely push me in ways I could have never imagined. I’m sure to be outside of my comfort zone.

  5. Your post made me smile so many times. Your trip to China sounds like a wonderful adventure to look forward to. Also, I know my daughter and I were dancing in the car on Friday. You gotta move when you gotta move. 🙂

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