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Ruth Ayres invites us to share our celebrations from the week each Saturday.  Thank you, Ruth, for reminding me to celebrate. Share yours at Ruth Ayres Writes.

This week was a very hard, long week after the sudden passing of my grandpa.  However, there were many things to celebrate still.

1. Unexpected time with my family  

Because of my crazy work schedule and work habits, I often miss get togethers.  In addition, my parents divorce keeps me with my dad’s side of the family sometimes when my mom’s side is getting together.  Therefore, I don’t go to all of the gatherings and miss many opportunities to see my mom’s side of the family.  It was great to spend some time with them every day this week.  It’s a nice reminder too that when push comes to shove – family is all that really matters.

2. Old stories

I love old stories and learning things about my grandparents, especially through the eyes of their kids (my mom, aunts, and uncles).  I worked most of the week, but I still went to where the family was after work each night.  On Wednesday night I headed to my aunt’s after a 14 hour workday (normal workday plus extra hours after work getting sub plans ready for the next 2 days).  I was so exhausted, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave, because I didn’t want to miss any good stories.  I laughed learning about my grandpa telling my aunt she should have put an egg white on her hurt ankle.  She said she still wasn’t sure what he meant by this, but he was adamant that an egg white would have cured her.

3. Dear friends

My grandpa’s arrangements were all during the weekday, so I didn’t anticipate that any of my friends would be able to come.  However, my friends sent their love in many forms- flowers, cards, texts, and a few even made the mass/celebration.  This support meant more than they will ever know.

4. Packed house

The church was standing room only for my grandpa’s service.  It was so amazing to see how much he meant to so many people.

5. Puzzle

My grandpa loved puzzles.  A few years ago, I bought him a puzzle for Christmas.  When I ordered it it said that it was a mystery puzzle.  What I didn’t realize was this meant there was no picture to help the person putting it together.

My grandpa called when he was working on it and said, “It a bits (my nickname), no more puzzles.  You better come over and help me with at least one piece.”  I was surprised to see the puzzle framed and hanging in his living room.  My mom brought it to me this week, so I could keep it.  I still need to find the perfect spot for it, but it makes me smile when I look at it.

Happy Saturday.


7 thoughts on “Celebrations

  1. Even in times of grief and sadness, their is something to celebrate. Family is so important, it’s great that you are surrounded by them and the memories of your grandpa.

  2. Being with family is a celebration in itself, whatever the occasion. I loved the story of your grandpa’s mystery puzzle – and what it must have meant to you to see it on display.

  3. Oh Jen, what a week of laughter and tears you’ve had. It is that family that gets us through, isn’t it? I love that you, even tired, were able to be with everyone & hear the stories-always so special, sometimes even surprises. The puzzle is a great story, and so nice you get to keep it for your memories. Your grandpa calling you ‘It a bits’ tells me what a wonderful grandpa he was to you. Hugs!

  4. What a roller coaster of a week you had. Lots of emotional days but many celebrations. I am so glad you were able to find them. The puzzle celebration was such special gift. I am sure you will look at that puzzle with much love and memories.

  5. Jen, you are a very special person with a lot of loving family to prove it. I’m glad a sad time was made good for you with stories. I love the puzzle story. You will have to send us a picture of it when you decide where to hang it. Take care.

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