Down and Out

I’ve had some health things come up in the past week that have kept me away from the blog.  First an unexpected, eye opening trip to the doctor.  Then, later in the week I ended up back at the doctor with the flu.

I was confused and voicing out loud how I didn’t know how to pray or ask God for what I should do after my first trip.  It’s funny how I didn’t have to.  I feel like He said, “Don’t worry, Jen.  I got this.”

You don’t realize how important health is until you’ve temporarily lost it.  I’ve been grateful for the calls and texts from loved ones checking in. Yesterday I got a surprise food delivery from my dad.  He was afraid to get sick and I was out anyway, so he left some goodies for me on the front porch.  There’s something about homemade soup that is so comforting when you are sick.

The time at home has been relaxing.  I finished my new favorite show, Friday Night Lights, between naps.  I’m hoping I continue to feel better.  The snow keeps coming down here, so hopefully my days off won’t even count against me.

2 thoughts on “Down and Out

  1. So sorry to hear you’ve been sick. 😦 You are welcome for your snow day today. I am back in St. Louis for work this week, of course a snow day has to show up. The question is will there be another tomorrow? Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Take time to heal. This is just another lesson in life. Lots of snow up here–over 10 inches now and still coming down! Everything will still be there when you’re up and at it. Consider this down time to get your strength back. When you get back you’ll wonder why you just didn’t sleep more and worry less. Thinking of you.

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