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After a rough two day week, I’m starting my celebration with a love of Saturdays.  You might laugh at 2 days, but I’m telling you it felt every bit of a full month of work.

The lazy morning and ability to stay snuggled in bed, followed by a walk down the street to a new breakfast restaurant, makes this day one of my favorites.  I enjoyed beginning a new book to talk about with my students, and I’m leaving shortly to spend the afternoon with some dear friends.  I can’t wait to laugh with them until my stomach and sides hurt.

My other celebrations are a bit of a stretch.  I’m realizing when you have a crazy class your celebrations shift slightly and you have to search really hard for them.

1. I’m grateful that the first bloody fight in my classroom resulted in only one student bleeding instead of two.  (I can’t believe that this is normal/happening in places, especially my classroom, but I’m trying to find some silver lining.)

2. I’m grateful my new student I just got a surprise email about is a girl.  We are heavy in the boy department, and I’m hoping that girls don’t get in fist fights.  Right?

3. Someone said February is supposed to be a rough month for snow, so more snow days might help keep me sane.  I’ll be wearing my pajamas backwards and partaking in any other silly activity to do my part to help this happen :).

I’m feeling hopeful and realizing I can do this.  I’m so grateful for the wonderful supportive networks I have around me.  Four months seems like an eternity, but it is NOT, and I’m going to make it.

Happy Saturday!



6 thoughts on “Celebrations

  1. Sometimes you have to look for the lemonade that is hiding in the lemons. I hope you are still clutching your sides from laughter. I also hope you are wrong about weather in February, I’ve got to get my days in and I don’t have time for snow/cold days. 🙂
    Have a great week, sorry but it’s looking like a five dayer.

  2. I agree with Elsie about looking for that lemonade! Some days it is harder than others. I really hope the rest of winter passes quickly because I am so done with snow days. Looks like we will have some delays due to cold this week but hopefully no snow. Enjoy your weekend and I hope next week is “fight free!”

  3. My new student was another boy, so I’m glad you added a girl. Hang in there and don’t forget to try the spoon under the pillow for a snow day – worked for me! My daughter-in-law shared all the east coast traditions she has learned while living there. So glad you and LeeAnn got to hang out this week.

  4. This winter weather is crazy, isn’t it? I want to say good for you for finding the good in what appears to be not so great (only one bleeder). 🙂 Some years are harder than others. You will make it! (There’s no other choice, is there?). I hope next week is a little easier.

  5. My teaching career began in a middle school where fighting was, sadly, a regular occurrence. I never got used to it. But did I read correctly that you teach 5th grade? Yikes. I love that you manage to have a dry sort of humor about it. What else can you do, but dig deep to find celebrations? So glad you are blogging!

  6. Christy,
    Yes, I do teach 5th grade. I’m digging really deep. The celebrations seem to be getting more difficult to find. I need to shift my thinking or something, or I’m going to lose my mind. I’m glad to be blogging too. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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