Unexpected Surprises

This week has been full of unexpected surprises.  First, I had a snow day that turned my 3 day weekend into a 4 day weekend.  (These snow days are getting pretty regular though, and I’m coming to expect them.  However, I was not expecting Tuesday off.)  

Then, I got to visit with Leigh Anne (a new friend I met at All Write).  It was so wonderful to talk school and blogging and life with someone who gets this little community I’m so happy I joined.

Today an appointment got canceled, and I was able to make it to my sister’s high school basketball game.  They were awful, but it was fun to see her on the court and to do the play by play with my dad.  We swear we have all the answers from the sidelines :).

I also got the most amazing text from a former parent.  She sent me a picture and asked, “Do you know what this picture is of?”  She went on to explain that it was a bookstore and how her daughter, my former student, saved all of her money to buy books at this independent bookstore when they went to the mall.  She said she even asked for books for Christmas and then the mom thanked me for changing her daughter’s life and making her a reader. I honestly can’t read the text without crying.  

This email, these surprises, could not have come at a more perfect time.  I’ve been so sad, so grumpy, and just like that God reminds me to hold on.  He sends me love and encouragement through unexpected channels.  I’m so grateful.  It’s nice to be celebrating before Saturday this week.  


3 thoughts on “Unexpected Surprises

  1. Woohoo! Love those unexpected gems from teaching. Print out that email and frame it. I am glad you’re celebrating life earlier than you expected.

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