Saturday Celebrations

Discover. Play. Build.

1. Surviving the Grocery Store

It would be an understatement to say the grocery store was crowded today.  Below freezing temperatures, snow, and horrible wind chills are in the forecast here, so everyone has been rushing to the store to get their milk, eggs, and bread (we’ll all survive on french toast I guess).  I felt like I was pulling into the mall parking lot on Christmas Eve.

Once I finally found a parking spot and made my way into the store, I had to wait inside the entrance just to get a cart.  One woman got tired of waiting and  reluctantly grabbed the lone cart with the built-in car seat.  It was hysterical to see her and her non-existent baby as we crossed paths in the store.

I bought some stuff to make my first crockpot stew and a few other items, so we’ll have food in case we get snowed in.

2. Laughing at Myself

There’s something about laughing at yourself out loud that is so funny.  I’ve mentioned before I’m teaching in China this summer, so while I was at the library, I picked up a Chinese audio CD.  I popped this is while I was driving around running errands.

The CD begins with a Chinese conversation between two people followed by an English speaking narrator guaranteeing you will learn what the people said and how to say it yourself (ha).  Listening to the conversation and the guarantee was funny enough.

Then, the narrator began prompting you to repeat certain phrases.  He would start by having you say parts of the phrase. Afterwards, he prompted you to say everything together.  He kept saying, “Say excuse me.”

I would awkwardly repeat the Chinese phrase of what I had practiced.  However, after a few more times of being told to repeat the phrase- I was yelling, “Excuse me.  Excuse me.”  I realized instantly I was no longer ‘speaking’ in Chinese, but had quickly resorted back to English.  I’m pretty sure this CD is going to provide some comical car rides.

I should also add I realized after listening for awhile I had selected the wrong Chinese dialect, so I wasn’t even learning the language of where I’ll be.  This provided additional laughs.

3. Time at Home

The idea of being snowed in and forced to stay at home sounds wonderful .  I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a snow day Monday, so I’m prepping to be at home for the next few days.  I ran all of my errands and tried to do things outside of my house today while I still could.  Repeats of Scandal, a large stack of books, grading, and organizing are all calling my name.  I’m looking forward to Sunday (usually my most dreaded day of the week) and being able to work on things at my leisure.

4. New Friends

I love the connections I’ve already formed with my first few blog posts.  People have been so welcoming and encouraging.

I’m also excited about plans this week to meet up (snow pending) with a new friend I met at All Write last summer.  As I called to chat with her today about the weather and how it might impact our plans to meet, I love how she gently reminded me as we were getting off the phone that today was Saturday.

I could tell she was saying she noticed I hadn’t shared my celebration yet.  I’m so grateful to have people who are encouraging me on my path and making me accountable to keep writing.  Thank you, LeAnn.

5. Finding My OLW

I felt stuck when it came to choosing my word for the year.  When I was talking with a friend the other night- she said, “I want to see you thrive this year.”

I barely heard what she said afterwards because THRIVE THRIVE THRIVE  kept playing over in my head.  There’s my word, I knew it instantly.

I’m excited to reflect on what I’m doing each day to ensure I’m thriving in 2014.

Happy Saturday.


13 thoughts on “Saturday Celebrations

  1. So glad you took the hint and wrote today. I’d love to have been listening to your Chinese practice, that’s a tough language! I’m surprised you had food on the shelves. I stopped and could not believe how barren shelves were. Stay warm and enjoy your days in, hopefully we will be able to meet up (if not this week, I’m back the week of the 21st).

  2. So many of you have school canceled (or maybe?) that I’ve been chuckling that after two weeks, everyone is loving the idea of ‘one more day’! I imagine our staff would too, but it’s not going to happen here. We have a little snow, & cold, but not as cold as you, Jen. I also laughed at the idea of surviving on French toast-not too bad really! And your Chinese-oh my. And I guess the cd couldn’t talk back either! I’m glad you posted too-a fun way to end my day! Have a great cozy time these next few days!

  3. There is a short video out on you tube about getting milk and bread. It is hilarious and is what many people are experiencing this weekend with the projected storm.

    I am so glad I made the decision to nominate people who are just beginning to blog. I am only a 7 month old blogger myself, and there were so many people who welcomed me. I wanted to reach out (my OLW) and welcome others. Don’t worry about nominating, just let us learn more about you – that’s what it is really all about! Enjoy your snow day and keep writing!

  4. Your description of you learning Chinese made me chuckle. Glad that you have found your OLW for 2014. And a good word it is. I’m with Leigh Ann, don’t feel pressured, rather think that the Sunshine Award gives a chance to learn about each other. Happy Writing!

  5. I was a little clueless when I drove to the store yesterday–had no idea that it would be so crowded! I guess I was still in vacation mood. Kudos to you for starting your Chinese studies. I found this blog a little while ago, and thought I’ll pass it on to you.

  6. You made me chuckle with the comment about surviving on French toast! I love that your cards are on the back door. A lunch date with LeAnn – I loved sharing a leisurely breakfast with her at the end of All Write last year. I want to know more about the teaching in China. I spent a year and a half in Hong Kong 30+ years ago. What dialect are you learning and where will you be?

    • Ramona,
      I don’t know when I’ll take my cards down. I love seeing them every day.

      I’m thinking I should have bought more food. Tomorrow is my 3rd day at home. I haven’t left the house since Saturday.

      I’ll know the specifics on placement soon, and I will share. I know the people will speak Mandarin.

      I’d love to hear about your Hong Kong experience.


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