Resolutions – Letting Old Stuff Go

I love the chance of a fresh start each New Year’s brings.  I’m overwhelmed thinking of things I could improve or change, but I want to keep it simple this year.  Otherwise, I find I’m defeated by unreasonable workout tasks, family commitments, etc. before January is even over.

I keep reading people selecting one word to work on for the year.  There are many words that could work for me right now- faith, embrace, balance.  So, I’m going to sit with them for a little bit.

One thing I do know is I want to make 2014 a little lighter.  The other day I snatched up a Feng Shui de-cluttering book that has me inspired.  As I devoured the book in one sitting, I was anxious to start getting rid of some of my junk.  (I come from a long line of – “We might need that someday” types.  Family gatherings usually have some sort of swapping old crap involved.)

By the next evening, I had thrown out all the expired food from the pantry and the refrigerator (I almost cried when I saw how much I wasted) and began to tackle my 2nd classroom/basement.  At this point the recycling bin and trash barrel were filled to the brim, but I was getting things done and feeling good.

One thing the book stressed was the importance of removing the unwanted items quickly once you’ve decided to part with them.  I was happy to be parting with things, but I found this to be true as I started to second-guess and remove my old crap from the donations box.  Luckily my friend, Mel, reassured me my mom’s hand-me-down decorations were not in style, or my style, and to let them go to a new home.  (Mel’s also had to do this with some old, hideous shoes I swore were cute still, but that’s another post.) So, I put the unwanted items back in the box and quickly walked away.

I knew these things had to go, or I would have found a reason to keep them all.  As I started to go through old mail- I discovered an mailing for a donations pick-up the following day (today).  It was meant to be.  Last night I scoured around in my basement and grabbed a few more gems and set it all on the porch.  I’m not sure why my old dinning chairs looked more attractive (they’ve been collecting cobwebs in the basement for a year), but I let them go.

After running errands today, my old stuff was gone.  I feel lighter already.  I’m realizing I want less stuff and more time with the people I love- doing things I love.

My only true resolution is to make a donation each time I receive one of those cards in the mail.  I’m feeling good the New Year hasn’t officially started, and I’ve already done this.

Here’s to letting old habits (and stuff) go and to a lighter and happier new year.  Happy New Year’s.




6 thoughts on “Resolutions – Letting Old Stuff Go

    • I know. I’ve been on a roll, and I’m trying to keep it up. Finally was able to take the recycling out today. I had already filled up the big barrel, so the rest of it was cluttering up my kitchen. I’m glad to have it gone.

      Looking forward to connecting with you in person.

  1. Good for you, Jen. I’ve been doing that since I retired. Should I let go of the Nativity set I had as a child (dime store quality) or focus on the beautiful one I got from my favorite aunt that died–off goes the dime store one! I take the stuff to Goodwill and thinking of consignment, but that seems burdensome in spite of the money. OLW is on my mind, too. I just can’t pick the first one. I am anxious to see your year unravel.

    • Tam,
      You know what’s so sad- as soon as I read your post- I thought keep the childhood Nativity Set! I’m so sentimental (or a hoarder :))- I can’t even let go of your things :).

      Thanks for reading and encouraging me to keep writing and get rid of my junk.


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