Celebrating Lists and Being Content

Discover. Play. Build.

I’m a big list maker.  Lists create structure for my wandering brain and offer some resemblance of order and focus.

I create grocery lists, to do lists, wish lists, bucket lists.  Half the time I can’t even find a list after I start it- but I still love to make them.  (I recently stumbled across a list from August and was annoyed many of my to dos still haven’t been completed :).)

My lists are long this time of year.  I’ve got my to buy list, my to make list, my do before you go back to school list, my reading list, my school to do list.  Most of the lists won’t get completed, and I may get more overwhelmed at the mere sight of the length of each list.  I’m still working on them anyway.

I’m grateful for the one list I wasn’t able to make with ease this year- my Christmas wish list.  My step-mom always asks me for a some ideas of things to buy me.  Normally I have several things I want to ask for, but this year I couldn’t think of anything I wanted or needed. My boyfriend, Jeff, and I actually sat at dinner the other night pondering over what to tell her.  We both sat blank faced, staring off trying to think of things.  We even started going room by room of the house considering whether we needed/wanted something for each area.  Sure, we’d love a winning lottery ticket or a tropical vacation; but realistically there is nothing we want or need.

I thought this was a cause for celebration.  This feeling of contentment enveloped me and reminded me of how blessed I am.  I’m grateful there’s nothing I want other than to be, to read, and to spend time with people I love.

So here’s to the list I’ll make tomorrow and probably lose and to feeling like I’ve checked off many of the really important things in life.

Happy Holidays,


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